Mobile App Security Features

  • Data stored in private folder in mobile
  • Download files stored in private folder
  • MDM Integration
  • Disable forwarding messages to other apps
  • Disable copying of messages from mobile
  • Disable screenshot on Android
  • Disable screen recording on Android
  • Restrict file download for non-MDM users
  • Restrict file download on mobile by extension
  • Restrict app working on rooted phones
  • Data deleted from the phone on employee exit
  • Delete data from the phone by locking user
wipe your organisation date remotely from employees who left control mobile app data
highly secured business collaboration software must have features

Other Security Features

  • OWASP 2019 Compliant
  • Transport Security – WSS, HTTPS, TLS 1.2
  • Hash & Salt password storage
  • Token-based API authentication
  • Cookie security – HTTPS, WorkApps Domain, Server Only
  • All tokens (User, Invitation, Public File and Folders) encrypted before sending out