The next level of Group Chats

Made for Large Teams

  • Group chat with no limit on number of users
  • Admin and member roles
  • One way group chat where only Admins can send messages
  • Make group chats public for external communication
  • Update group chats automatically with profile changes
group chat with no limit
create groups using profile fields

One Way Group Chat

  • Leadership can have one way group chats with employees
  • Employees can only view messages and not reply
  • Create large groups with 100,000 member or even more
  • Can create multiple one-way group chats

Employee Support Groups

  • Central help and support groups for internal teams
  • Ex: HR, Compensation, Product, IT, Security, Pantry, etc
  • Support team can have multiple users, to avoid missing messages
  • Just Search – Click – Chat
  • Groups will be pre-added in chat list of all employees
  • When employees start a chat, their name will show in support team’s list
create group chat from other system
knowledge groups

Knowledge Groups

  • Create Organization-wide knowledge sharing groups. Ex: Cycling, Blockchain, Open Banking, Healthy Lifestyle
  • Admin-centric groups: Exclusive sharing and posting rights
  • Any employee can follow and read the posts
  • No need to add / remove users from the groups
  • Employees can follow the Knowledge Groups of their choice