Connect Customers to nearby RMs and convert leads faster

What is the Product

  • A page on your website –
  • Customer just has to enter a Pincode
  • Result will show availability of all RMs for all products for that Pincode
  • Customer can connect with the RM instantly
  • Customer can call, email, drop a message, or do a two-way chat
  • Backend integration with employee directory & Pincode mapping
What is the Product
Other specifications

Other specifications

  • No registration or app download for the customer
  • Customer can be on mobile browser or desktop
  • Customer can continue previous discussion also
  • RM will have a dedicated native mobile chat app
  • Notifications on new customer sign ups
  • Notifications on every message

Employee Combinations in Chat

  • Single RM
  • Multiple RMs
  • RM and selected members of Branch
  • Complete Branch Team
  • RM and Branch Manager
  • RM and Sales Support Executive
  • RM and Call Center
Employee Combinations in Chat
Data and Reports

Data and Reports

  • Daily RM usage report
  • App installs, logins, active users
  • Daily customer interaction report
  • Pincode, customer name, time stamp, RM details, reply status
  • Live dashboard of all conversations to central team
  • Flag to view conversations that are not answered
  • Link to view conversation
  • Real time API to port data to CRM system

RM’s status & Availability Rules

  • RMs can set their status through the mobile app
  • Automated messages to customer in case RM is busy / unavailable
  • Create your own rules, on what happens when RM is unavailable
RM’s status & Availability Rules
Situation Rule and Message
Holidays and Non-working hours “Today is a holiday for us, please leave your name & number and I will call back”
RM’s status is Busy “Kaizad Shroff’s status is set as Busy, please leave your name & number for a call back.”
RM is on the Bike / Train Message to customer after 15 seconds of no response “Kaizad Shroff seems to be caught up somewhere, please leave your name & number for a call back”
RM is on Leave or Vacation Chat can be passed to Reporting Manager, Colleague or any other user / group
RM receives the chat, but unable to chat RM can patch Reporting Manager, or another colleague to the same chat
RM is on another video call RM can still chat with multiple users from the same window
RM has uninstalled the app Can be removed from the search result
RM has been transferred to other team Will be removed from the search result
RM has left the company Account will be disabled, and removed from the search result