We believe in very few things, but believe in them very strongly.

Good work gives a meaning to life

Everybody has a job and work in life. So do we, but we want our work to mean something, to matter somewhere. We want to make a difference, it could be something as small as making someone’s life more productive, or something as big as helping the country with its financial inclusion goals.

Innovate everyday

Innovation, trying something new, doing something no one has dared before, and working on crazy ideas, we do it all. We believe in going against the wind, falling, failing, getting up and trying again. And we are not afraid or ashamed of either. We know that if you want to do that’s out of this world, then you have to fall a million times before running.

Simple Company

We don’t let anything come between us and good work. No politics, no hierarchies, no complex processes. We are a flat team. Everybody is an individual contributor, be it the CEO or an intern. Feedbacks are open, questioning is appreciated, and learning mandatory.

Enjoy what you do

We love what we do, and we love working with each other. For us the journey is more important than the destination. We don’t work with people we can’t be friends with. For us it’s very important that whatever time we spend at work, or for work is fun, and that it makes us happy and a better person.

Family first

We are self-confessed workaholics, but for us Family comes first. Which is why we ensure that while we work hard, we get to spend enough time with our families. Our leave policy has a pre-approved off on the following on days:

  1. Employee’s birthday
  2. Spouse’s birthday
  3. Kid’s birthday’s
  4. Marriage Anniversary
  5. One week during Diwali
  6. 31st Dec and 1st Jan
  7. Any other Mon or Fri that can turn it into a long weekend
  8. Apart from this, one week mandatory leave per year for family vacations, and flexible working hours, with work from home days

If you love what you do, and if our thoughts match with what you want in your work life, then we would be happy to hear from you.

In tech, we are always on the lookout for developers who love Java, Angluar, Android and iOS. As for the non-tech domain, we always lookout for driven sales and marketing professionals in the digital, mobile and enterprise space. We are always reachable on contact@workapps.com

Rudrajeet Desai

Founder, CEO and Product Head

Our Office

We give very high importance to where we work and its environment. Which is why we chose 91 Springboard Yerwada Pune., and we love it. It's not only one of the best managed co-working spaces, but it allows us to connect and collaborate with various other startups and events.

Our Office