Do more with your Chat

  • Search through name, message, file name, and file content
  • Multi chat window UI
  • Share files with non-users on web
  • Designated video recording folder
  • Separate folders for chat categories in web
  • Self user to take notes, reminders, save files, etc
enterprise collaboration tool powerful features in video platform solution
enterprise team collaboration app adoption support for organisations

Adoption Support

  • White-labeled mobile app
  • Synchronous chat on mobile and desktop
  • All employees are pre-listed in contacts
  • SMS and email reminders for app installation and login
  • Unread message alert on SMS and email
  • Multiple business use cases

Company Directory

  • Single directory of the complete Org on mobile
  • Helpdesks, Branches, Regional offices, Shops etc
  • Add address, location pin, landline number, contact person etc
  • Add other web portals inside the app
  • Updated all the information centrally
analytics and reports
manage your organisation contacts

Contact management

  • Complete AD profile of employees mapped
  • Reporting manager and hierarchy
  • Emergency Contact Details of Colleagues
  • Set your own user status
  • Device recognition on chat
  • Customized contact list priority