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Admin Enterprise Security Features

For organisation level data security and preventing it from leakage outside organisation; is it possible to prevent employees from copy pasting the content or text from the WorkApps Chat conversations?

Yes it is possible to prevent employees copy pasting from your WorkApps enterprise Chat accounts conversations. For this setting in your organisation specific branded app gets in touch with

Is forwarding of WorkApps Chat application Conversations’ content & text restricted to social networking apps?

Yes it is configured for your Organisation account. Talk to your WorkApps Enterprise Account administrator. This is to make sure that Organisation’s sensitive data is not leaked online.

Can I wipe all important data shared in WorkApps’ Enterprise Chat from employee’s mobile for my organisation?

Once an employee exits the company; his accounts needs to be locked/deleted. All the data on his/her mobile phone would be deleted permanently.

Is it possible as an admin of the WorkApps Enterprise Chat App to forbid employees taking screenshot of the chat history or app?

Yes it is possible to prevent employees taking screenshots in the WorkApps Mobile App; for this setting in your mobile app get in touch with