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Audio Call

What is an Audio Call in WorkApps Chat? What is required for the Audio call?

Audio call is just like a phone call and it consumes lesser bandwidth than the video calling. You can record an audio call & refer it for a future reference.

Using WorkApps Enterprise Chat account; can I Record an Audio call with a customer?

You can record audio calls with your contacts.

Can I switch between Audio & Video Call in run time?

You can switch between any types of call during the call itself. But if you also need to record it; the final recorded file will be of the type which you selected when you initiated the call.

Does the Guest User also have the access to the recorded Audio/Video File of conversation in the Chat History?


How Can I record an Audio Call on WorkApps Chat?

Yes you can! You can refer the video and audio recording files for future references like shortlisting candidates from video interviews, insurance use cases etc.