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Face Match

How can I start a Face Match in a Video Call with a customer?

The organisation employee will first start a video call with the customer in order to do the Face Match. Follow the steps below:

  1. Customer Initiates a text chat with you on your digital signature URL
  2. You start a video call and the customer accepts it
  3. You Capture the screen of Customers live face
  4. Once the Face Capture or Photo of Customer is uploaded in the Chat history hover over it to click on the you preview option
  5. In the Preview mark it as a “User Face” using “Save Tag” button. Ensure you mark it correctly. There is no way you can change it later.
  6. Next step is to capture the screens when the customers produce documents in live video call using Screen Capture button. Wait for the photos to get uploaded. It may take a few second to upload depending on the network speed you have;
  7. Now when the photos are all uploaded; Click on “Save Tag” for each of the photo; the tags are available for PAN card, Aadhar card etc.
  8. Now hover on the Face Photo you have taken of the customer in the step #3 above & now click on the “Run Face Match” option.
  9. For each screen capture you will a button to run face match; click on it to see the % of match.

Is the Face match available without actually having the Video Call with the customer?

No! The organisation employee has to do the video call with the customer in order to complete the Face Match. To do the video call please refer the answer for the previous question “How can I start a Face Match in a Video Call with a customer?”.

Will the rich media like Video recorded, Screen captures taken for a customer in a video call be shared over a link to an internal employee?

Yes! An employee can share a Customer Conversation with other internal users by just passing them a link of the Customer Conversation Page. To get this link just go to the Customer Conversation Page -> Edit Chat -> Copy the URL from the Bottom of the window and then share.