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What is Memo in WorkApps Business Chat App?

Using WorkApps Memo feature; you can broadcast Rich Media OR Plain Simple text Messages format to any number of Employees & contacts.

How do I create a Memo for an announcement in WorkApps Enterprise Chat Account?

An admin of the WorkApps Enterprise Chat Account can broadcast messages by going to -> Click on + New button from top left hand corner -> Select Memo sub tab -> Enter Subject Line & Enter text -> Click on Preview Memo to view it to see how it will look alike -> Click on "Select Users" to select audience of the Memo. This can be sent to all your selected employees. -> Turn on "Allow sharing of Memo" to make it available on internet so that people who are NOT registered with WorkApps can also view it if they have this link -> Click on "Send Memo" to finish this. Employees will get a notification on their Mobile devices.

You can view a detailed read receipt report on who viewed it & when.

Can I include rich text into a new Memo?

Yes! You can add inline images, attach any type of files (except files which are not allowed for security reasons like .exe etc.), format text just like the way you do it in the Formatting tools like MS Word or PDF, Make links, use different styling etc.

How can I make a public Memo Private?

To make an existing Memo back to Private go to Memo Tab -> Click on the Memo that you just sent -> on the right hand side on top you will see the link with Make public setting and the Copy icon -> Click on the Setting & move it back towards left. The Memo will be back to private mode again. People who already have seen it on the browser using a link won’t be able to see it if they re-visit. Employees from the same organisation would be still able to see inside their account login. Memos once sent cannot be revoked.

I am getting an error "Memo Text Cannot be blank" when I am creating a new Memo? How do I go about?

You need add some content into your Memo Body. Otherwise you will get this error. Add some message text into the Body and you will be ready to go step forward.

If I select All Employees; will it also be sent to the employees from other organisations too?

No! System will send the Memo to organisation employees only. You will have to specifically select those people outside your organisation from your contact list if they DO NOT belong to the organisation.

Is it possible to send an announcement or a Memo to a specific set of Employees in my Organisation?

Yes! It will be either sent to all employees of your organisation only when you select so OR the employees or Contacts outside your organisation if you select them one by one.

I cannot create & send WorkApps Memo to users. Why? What is required here in my WorkApps Account?

You will need Admin access for that. Talk to an existing Admin to grant you Admin access to your WorkApps enterprise Account.

Can I send a memo to my contacts who are the employees of different organisation?

Yes you can! You can select all employees of your organisation OR select the employees or Contacts outside your organisation (too) one by one.