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WorkApps Chat Only Users

When should I create a Mobile Only User account in my Organisation’s WorkApps Enterprise Chat Account?

The Chat Only account can be created when the employee does NOT have access to laptop or desktop. The employees who are either of these category should have Mobile Chat Only account:

  1. Employees using smart phones Android or iOS
  2. Need to mark their attendance from different locations
  3. Employees who are the members of Field Teams
  4. When the employees need to geographically assign sales leads in run time.

On the other hand a regular employee registered with an email can do the entire of the above but can access Desktop or Laptop device for office work. Whereas a Chat Only User can use only Smart phone to manage work. 

How do I Setup Chat Only Account on my mobile?

The WorkApps Enterprise Account Admin of your organisation should invite the Mobile Chat Only Users from -> Admin Tab -> Employees (Mobile) -> enter Name, Country Code & Mobile number -> Employee will receive an SMS from WorkApps to download the App -> Employee download and installs the app from App Store / Play Store on his mobile -> Enters the mobile number -> OTP is sent to the mobile -> authorize the mobile number enter OTP and login into the account. All contacts’ list of all the registered employees will be pre-fed automatically. -> Start chatting.

What is available in WorkApps Chat Only Account?

Following things available in the WorkApps Chat Account for Mobile only Employee.

  1. Can login on Android or iOS & do instant messaging with organisation contacts
  2. Employee can Chat, accept video call
  3. Enable disable current GPS location and share with people in contacts’ list
  4. Mark & View Digital Attendance
  5. Track Travelling for travel claims
  6. Mark & Share trip details
  7. Update profile
  8. Use phonebook and call
  9. Create & Participate in Group Chat conversations.
  10. Read Memos and get notifications for
  11. Change status or set to a custom one. Read status of others.

What is NOT available in WorkApps Chat Only Account?

WorkApps Chat Account for Mobile only Employee cannot use Web application.

What happens to my WorkApps Enterprise Chat Account app when the mobile device is lost?

The employee can install the app on new mobile device. The earlier device having the same account will be logged out automatically. All the data will also be wiped.

How do I ensure that the WorkApps Data in my lost mobile is NOT compromised?

After the employee install the app on new mobile device; the earlier device having the same account will be logged out automatically. All the data will also be wiped out. The person who is in the unauthorized possession of the device cannot access it.