Messaging solution for Insurance Agents, Distributors, Brokers and Banca employees

High level use cases

  • Broadcast rich media messages to partners, and get read receipts
  • Send marketing messages, which partners can forward to customers
  • One way or two way chat between partners & company executives
  • Automated alerts to partners on TVA, policy status, renewals, earnings, etc
High level use cases
enterprise team collaboration app broadcast message to multiple employees

Long Format Broadcast Messaging

  • Broadcast messages to all, or selected partners in a few seconds
  • Send rich media / HTML content, Youtube videos, tables, images, files
  • Get read receipt by name in an Excel file
  • Send messages by selecting partners basis city, club, level, vintage etc
  • Categorize messages as Policy, Marketing, Sales update, Corporate update
  • Add ‘Response Buttons’ to messages like Accept, Interested, and Agree etc

Marketing Messages

  • Send messages which partners can forward to customers
  • Share via SMS, Email, WhatsApp, or any other Social Media
  • Customer gets to view the message in a browser
  • Track who shared, and page views of each message
Marketing Messages
Send Automated Messages using an API

Send Automated Messages using an API

  • Send automated messages from system to each partner
  • Target vs achievement
  • Policy status and documents pending
  • Ledger and payments released
  • Claims status and process
  • Send customer leads to partners automatically from system

Policy Renewal Messages to Partners for Customers

  • Send policy renewal messages to respective partners
  • Partners can forward the messages to customers on WhatsApp etc
  • Add more details to the message like payment link
  • Branch locator, cheque details, cheque pick up service
  • Send a consolidated policy renewal ledger for the month
Policy Renewal Messages to Partners for Customers
Partner and Employee Chat

Partner and Employee Chat

  • Partners will see their mapped sales team in the contact list
  • Sales manager, branch manager, regional manager, etc
  • No need for anybody to store mobile numbers of each other
  • Sales team will also see all the partners mapped to them
  • One-to-one chat – Group chat – File sharing
  • Mapping can be integrated with agent database or uploaded in excel

One Way Group Chat

  • Leadership team can have one way group chats with partners
  • Partners can only view messages and not reply
  • Create groups with any number of partners: 100,00 or even more
  • Partners won’t be able to see or chat with each other
  • Create multiple one way group chats
  • Chairman, MD, CEO, Agency Head, Zonal Head
One Way Group Chat
Central Support Groups

Central Support Groups

  • Support Groups for partners to connect & chat with back office teams
  • Claims, Training, Sales Support, Finance
  • Multiple members on the support side to respond to agent queries
  • Share files, documents and proposals
  • Solve agent queries even when sales team is not available

Other Portal Directory

  • Add all other partner portals to the app
  • Portals will open inside the app in iFrame
  • Add helpdesk and support numbers
  • Branch addresses and contact numbers
  • All data can be centrally updated
Other Portal Directory