Product overview of WorkApps

collaboration tool overview made for large team

Made for large team

An enterprise grade messaging software that’s built for teams that run in thousands and millions.
control your sensitive data in your own aws account

Security & Data Ownership

A highly-secure chat platform which can be hosted on your traditional servers or your AWS account, and blocks all data leakage points on mobile.
collaboration tool overview improve org wide communication

Improve org wide communication

Many highly-advanced features beyond regular chat and groups to improve organization-wide communication.
collaboration tool overview business operations

Business Operations

Plug chat and video into your various business workflows to make communication easy, time saving and cost effective.
collaboration tool overview external communication

External Communication

Use chat and video to communicate with external entities like customers, partners, agents, distributors and more.
collaboration tool overview integration


A chat tool that can be seamlessly integrated with any legacy system with two-way data sharing APIs.
collaboration tool overview fixed costing

Fixed Costing

Pay a fixed fee per month for your entire organization, and don’t worry about increasing your strength.
collaboration tool overview platform and partner approach

Platform & Partner Approach

A product that functions as a platform and a company that works as a partner to co-create features and solutions around messaging requirements.

A note from our Product Team

  • Why should a chat tool be only about group chat?
  • Why should an off-the-shelf software product be rigid?
  • Why can a software product be co-created with customers?

These are some of the questions we asked ourselves, before starting the journey of creating WorkApps.

Great organizations are built by great teams and communication is the most fundamental requirement for building great teams. At WorkApps we believe in turning every stone, evaluating every feature and trying every activity possible to make communication between teams easy and more productive everyday than what is was yesterday.

Which is why we believe in co-creating our product with our customers, and being their ‘Team Messaging Partner.’

  1. Tell us your problem around Communication and we will work with you to solve it
  2. We understand Messaging and Communication like no one else
  3. You can choose the priority of our Product Pipeline
  4. Give us a New Feature or Idea, and we will build it Free-of-Cost
  5. Consider us as a Digital Communication Solutions Partner