Comprehensive tool for doing KYC / IPV / CIP over Video

Requirement as per RBI's 9th Jan Circular

  • Hosting on RE domain
  • Real time video call
  • GPS service to check India location
  • Capture photo of PAN Card over video
  • Capture customer photo over video
  • Option to use a AI based face match tool
  • Show customer details to Agent in random order
  • Storing video recording date stamp
  • Concurrent audit module
  • End to end encryption
  • Software should be available for audit
  • Storing activity log with official's details
High level use cases
three ways to do video kyc

Three ways to do Video KYC

  • Continuous Workflow

    Customer can complete the Video KYC immediately after filling the account opening form
  • Universal Weblink Workflow

    Customer can access a universally available link on the RE’s website anytime, verify using mobile number and OTP, and then complete the Video KYC for a previously filled account opening form
  • Agent Assisted Workflow

    Agent can assist the customer over a phone to fill the account opening form, and then get connected directly to do the same agent to complete the Video KYC process

Product Features

  • Hosting and Data Control
  • Readymade APIs for integration into RE system
  • Two way video calling with recording on browsers
  • Capture photos from live video feed
  • User access module for Agents and Auditors
  • AWS Rekognition – AI based face match tool
  • Multi device compatibility
  • Customer routing module for call center
  • Concurrent Auditor module
  • Advanced security features
product features