Enterprise Grade Text Messaging between Teams

Complete team listed in One Chat App

  • Find all your colleagues easily
  • No need to add / remove people constantly
  • Chat with anybody at the click of a button
  • Search using profile fields like department, role, city, etc.
  • Integrated with AD or HRMS
  • Single sign on
Complete team listed in One Chat App
All regular features

All regular features

  • One-to-one chat
  • Group chat
  • File sharing
  • Reply to specific message
  • Forward message
  • Private messaging in groups
  • Read receipts with time
  • Read receipts visible to all group members
  • Per user download count of shared files

‘Threads’ in Chat

  • Make ‘Threads’ in chat to have topic specific conversations
  • Create ‘Threads’ under individual chats or group chats
  • Ensuring that the conversations aren’t lost in a long chat
  • Create ‘Threads’ with a single click
‘Threads’ in Chat
Task-based chats

Task-based chats

  • Categorize group chats under various task names
  • Tasks, Customer, Product, File No, Project, Candidate etc
  • Add / remove departments & employees as file progresses
  • Add / remove employees manually or automatically

API / Automated Messaging

  • Send messages from any other system automatically
  • Simple RESTful API integration
  • Send daily numbers, customer leads, file status, server alerts
  • Send messages to individuals, groups or broadcast messages
  • Send text messages, images or files
API / Automated Messaging
anonymous employee feedback chat

Anonymous Employee Feedback Chat

  • 100% anonymous feedback chat
  • Get instant reporting of issues in the company
  • Fraud, Theft, POSH, Manager related
  • Chat with one or multiple designated officers

Add Chatbots to the Chat

  • Add your own Chatbots to the chat app
  • Chatbot will appear as a user in the contact list
  • Add one or multiple chatbots
  • Simple Input / Output API service
  • Chat experience just like any other user
add chatbots to the chat