Features for control within large organizations

Access Management

  • Restrict access on web or mobile
  • Add employees using email or mobile
  • AD integration
  • Single sign on
  • Desktop application for Windows and Mac
  • Auto-update desktop application remotely
enterprise team collaboration software user access management
enterprise team collaboration software administrator control

Admin control

  • Broadcaster role organization-wide communication
  • Limit on group & broadcast count
  • Configure size limit in file sharing
  • Restrict web / desktop access to office IPs
  • Profanity word blocker
  • RESTful API to share data with other systems
  • Restrict file sharing between external users
  • Choose TLS or DTLS (UDP) protocol for video
  • Disable ‘delete message’ option

Add Non Employees to Chat

  • Multi org structure to add non employees
  • Agents, brokers, partners, distributors, banking correspondents
  • Add using just the mobile number
  • Set different rules for non-employees
  • Map internal employees to them
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