Broadcast messaging with Rich Media Content in Web article format

Ways to Broadcast Messages

  • Send long format and rich media messages to teams
  • Send and share HTMLs, videos, images, text, tables, files, etc
  • Add self-recorded videos to messages
  • Categorize broadcast messages under: circulars, policies, etc
  • Add response buttons like Accept, Understood, Like etc
  • Get detailed read receipt for each employee
  • Department wise, and in excel format
  • Download count of attached files per user
one way broadcast messages to employees
resend broadcast message to all

Sending Broadcast Messages

  • Send to all or selected employees
  • Send a message by selecting AD groups
  • AD groups are ported to message creation screen for one click selection
  • Send a message by selecting profile fields
  • Send messages by selecting Department, City, Office, Gender etc
  • Send a message by selecting a manager
  • Send a message by selecting direct team or full hierarchy of a manager
  • Send a message by uploading an excel with email or mobile numbers
  • Use RESTful APIs to send messages from other systems
  • Broadcast rich media messages on SMS
  • Multiple resending options
  • Resend to Unread, Resend to All, Resend as New

Sharing Broadcast Messages

  • Enable public sharing of broadcast messages
  • Sales teams can share marketing messages with customers
  • Share via WhatsApp, Social media, SMS and Email
  • Dashboard to track who shared, how many times, and message views
  • Automated search optimization of message
  • Add your own Google Analytics code
automated search optimization of message
send training videos

Send Training Videos

  • Record videos on your own from the desktop
  • Screen recording + Audio
  • Or just Video and Audio
  • View various videos together in your own ‘Org’s Youtube’
  • Keep video private (only for employees) or make public (open)
  • Share with all or selected few
  • Get read receipt for each member